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I am Leo Draxler, a car dealer based in Austria’s wine-quarter. It all began with just one quince tree. Processing quince turned out to be very elaborate and strenuous, and the results were never quite satisfying. I wanted a product that captured the wonderful smell and unique taste of the quince fruit. The idea was born to ferment the pressed juice and add carbon dioxide for taste.

After several failed attempts PROSEQU sparkling quince wine was bottled. In the years after I filled juice, still wine and at last sparkling wine in champagne method. Meanwhile I have my own orchard full of quince tree and are happy to say that I solely use my own, completely untreated, quince. I am very happy that with my products, I help to make quince more popular!


Leo Draxler; 3472 Hohenwarth; In den Gärten 17
Phone: +43 (0)699 12737312